The Differences

1. The battery 1st gen 2 batteries individually charged. 

1. 3rd gen bikes come with one charger that charges both batteries at once. 

2. battery size 1st gen 2 batteries 15Amp and a 10Amp once. 

2. Battery size 3rd gen 2 batteries 15Amp and a 12Amp once. 

3. Brakes: 1st gen came with brake shoes. 

3. Brakes 3rd gen fully hydraulic disk brakes. 

4. Shocks 1st gen had only back shocks. 

4. Shocks 3rd gen full suspension  hydraulic  shocks. 

5. Delivery bag 1st gen 1 delivery bag with a front small basket. 

5. Delivery Bags 3rd gen 2 delivery bags 1 in front and one in the back.

6. Tires 1st gen normal tiers with inner tube.

6. Tiers 3rd gen tubeless tiers. 

7. Remote Alarm 1st gen no remote no alarm. 

7. Remote Alarm 3rd gen remote alarm and remote speed limit change.